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I believe your success begins with knowing and living an organized and truthful financial life.  My help begins the minute you realize that you are worrying about money.  There is peace in knowing where you stand every month and knowing where every dollar is spent.  Let’s replace your worry with facts and goals.


Say YES to beginning today — it is not hard, just scary.  I can help you set up simple steps to journal your income and expenses.  Start one week at a time and that will give you the momentum you need to keep moving forward.  Don’t put this off one more day.  It’s time to have more fun and plan your life rather than finances planning you.   

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As a mom of four and part of a blended family for over thirty years — I look back and realize that I missed out on a lot of fun with my family.   I spent most of my free time in the car and felt guilty about working full time and throwing meals together so that we could get to the next scheduled activity.   Raising four kids was busy . . . not much time was spent sitting down and budgeting.  I did not pay attention to our spending — my “meals out” line item was always out of control.  I could have put that money toward paying off my home.

Blended Family


In my career as a family law paralegal for over fifteen years, I saw families break apart.  Spouses were forced to sit down with me and truthfully look at their financial picture to complete the court process.  The most common comment was “how did we get in this much debt?”

Online banking gives you an instant balance but not a true picture of your finances.   Once you tackle the day to day spending and match it with your monthly income — you are on your way to truth of your financial picture.

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  • It’s so nice to see a happy ending. Too many times divorce is bitter and ugly. I believe it’s because, as you said, people don’t know how to navigate through without expressing only negative feelings. Thanks for sharing this Sherry, you are going to make a world of difference in so many lives. What you are doing is very much needed today.

    • Thank you for your kind words Jenny — I hope to reach families and make some small difference.

Practical Tools and Ideas for Creating Financial Organization

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