Every Family Has A Story

by Sherry L Carver

Story of Wedding Ring (350x290)It all started with the day my wedding ring went missing.

Four pieces of jewelry disappeared  from my vanity drawer and one of them was my wedding ring.  Without going into details (which I have learned only bring back my anger), they are gone for good I am afraid.  Is it possible to go through the Stages of Grief  in one day?  It started with denial which after a few hours turned to anger.  When anger didn’t seem to get me anywhere I began bargaining thinking that it would one day end up on my doorstep or mailbox.  That night I was just depressed and sad.  This was the year that my wedding ring would symbolize thirty years of marriage.  We had worked so hard to get to this point, how could the ring be taken from us?  

After four days, I was at acceptance. I came to the realization (after many tears) that no one can take my last 30 years of memories from me. That ring will never bring the history of what my family life has been to anyone who dares to wear it.

I will always cry for that ring but I decided to turn this into a positive experience — reluctantly.

I got up that Saturday morning and drove to our local historical area which houses many estate jewelry stores. I did not want to start with something new — I wanted to replace my ring with something that had history and a story.  I started up the main street and the first place I saw was a long established estate jewelry store — Rambling Rose .   I was met by the owners — a mother/daughter team (Kathie and Katie) — who listened to me, let me cry a little and together we began the search for my new/old ring.   After about 10 minutes –I saw it.  It was unique, simple and over 90 years old.  They saw the gleam in my eye but said they would hold it for me and that the best thing to do was go home and think about it.  Who does that?  I knew I was in the right hands.

I went home and brought my husband back with me immediately.  He was so sweet and kind — he was heartbroken for me.

We went back together and I tried on 10 other rings but always came back to the first one that caught my eye — it was different, small and simple.   I knew that I could never pick a better ring.  At one time that ring meant the world to it’s first owner.   I wish I knew that family story!

I put it on, cried a little and started on my way to full acceptance of this ring.   This started me thinking about what I take for granted.

It takes a lot of strength and compassion to live in a marriage for thirty years.  Family memories and stories are unique. Rings are unique and sometimes we are tested as to what holds meaning in our lives. Possessions mean nothing unless they hold our hearts. I will always look down on my ring finger and know that I love my family and that this new ring symbolizes all the tears, laughter and hard work we have been through together. My husband and I pledged through good times and in bad thirty years ago. Until bad things happen, you don’t know how important those words are.

What do you take for granted in your daily life?  What if the possessions that hold meaning were gone when you got home?  How do we take time to appreciate what we have?

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