My Wise Mother Who Knew Me Best

by Sherry L Carver

Family Memories With MomMy wise mother passed away last September but she is still with me every day.  I must have known to save her letters and cards because I am finding them everywhere in my home.  I keep opening drawers and cupboards only to find a gift with a note tucked away. Distance had kept us apart but I have now realized that she was paying attention all along.

I mentioned once that I might like to learn how to quilt.  Tucked away in my craft closet is a drawer with all of the quilting supplies she sent in a gift box.  On the shelf are the quilting books that she so thoughtfully bought me — I found this note in the drawer:

. . . “I don’t know if you still have the inclination to stitch a quilt? Sometimes we have to put our hopes ‘on hold’ for a while.  I have only made one quilt in my day–it is not elegant or fancy, but it holds a story, nonetheless.  My personal choice is to stitch by hand, but many prefer the machine. And maybe you will discover some women friends in a sewing circle.  My own experience has show me that a woman friend or two may have gotten me through some tough, lonely times. . .”

If you read my sidebar, you will discover that my goal is to bring women of all generations together to offer companionship, understanding and experience.  I have always held the pioneer women in high regard for their fortitude, motivation and ability to help each other.  Somehow, my mom knew my passion before I did.  She knew this should be my direction.

Women Helping Women

(This picture captures what my mom hoped for and is from the recently opened digital vault of the New York Public Library)

I have also found notes in piano books that I inherited from her — my love of piano and music was passed down through her loving fingers and I always find comfort when I listen to piano music.  I remember laying on the carpet listening to her play.  She was always smiling and proud of her abilities.  I wish I would have had her teach me to read music better — especially that pesky left hand!

Family Piano (350x303)

(My mother’s beloved piano that was so much a part of my childhood)

I found a book of her hand written poems and read them for the first time without my own judgment filter, just listening to her heart.  She was revealing her feelings, something I was always asking her for, in her quiet way.  She knew I was having a hard time as a young mother and wrote:

. . .”Is your mind a little weary — Are your arms a little tired — Do you long to have someone to care — or maybe, just be there.  Are your hopes a little shattered–Are your plans somewhat disturbed–Are your dreams somehow not turning out — And you wonder what it’s all about?” . . .

That opening paragraph sums up what all mothers feel at one time or another.  It takes time to learn that the day to day worries turn into years of happy memories as you look back on your family times.

Family Memories

(I tried to give my kids the music that I had — being a mother is my passion and from my mom I learned patience)

As I read my cards and letters, I realize that no matter how much she seemed oblivious to my adult life — she was listening and knew me well. I often wonder if she was also writing about herself and her dashed hopes and dreams.  I can only thank her for giving me the passion to follow my heart and build a business to not only help families but to keep her life and talents alive.


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